Family Day Honda Seat Sale

It’s here & it’s live & it’s now!

The very first ever Honda Seat Sale, is happening at Okotoks Honda right now! We thought if WestJet can be successful with stellar pricing with superior customer service – we can too!

So, starting today, until Monday, February 17th, we’re having limited time offers & deals hotter than leather heated seats!

Take advantage of limited special offers on ALL of our in-stock 2013 and 2014 inventory!! Check out some of the deals we have in store for you:

-Cash savings up to $4000.00 on select models
-Loyalty finance rates from 0.01%
-Preferred lease rates from 0.01%
-Introductory pricing on 2014 models including the Honda Civic – the best selling vehicle in Canada for 16 years!
-Premium market based trade-in values

If that’s not enough – then let us make sure you get the best deal in Alberta! Purchasing a car with us is as easy as ONE:

ONE number. ONE person. ONE time. It’s the #Okotoks way. So don’t wait. Call us, email us, tweet us or message us to be part of this 4 day only event. PLUS, get $500.00 OFF any in-stock new Honda on top of our best offer, guaranteed. If you’re interested in one of our pre-owned Honda Civic’s – then receive an extra $750 discount or cash back on all pre-owned Civic’sClick on the image below to find out more information! (audio file included)

SeatSale Ends Today


5 Reasons Why The 2014 Honda Odyssey Is For You!


A vacuum in the car? You can’t be serious… The 2014 Honda Odyssey debuted at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, setting a bar in the latest of family vehicles.  This model offers safety updates, a sharp exterior design and a revised interior with new available features.


1. HondaVAC

The new and improved 2014 Odyssey Touring is the first minivan to come with a built-in vacuum named HondaVAC. The HondaVAC it’s the pioneer of in-car vacuum cleaner system. This amazing feature will help you keep your vehicle clean at all times; say good bye to dog hair, cereal crumbs and dust! HondaVAC was possible through a collaboration between Honda and Shop-Vac. The built-in vacuum has a replaceable filter and canister bag; it also fits into a specific storage space situated on the driver’s-side on the rear cargo area. The hose is long enough to reach every little corner of the minivan; it can also suck indefinitely while the engine is running and up to eight minutes when the vehicle is off.

2. New Look


The 2014 Odyssey has a more aggressive front-end appearance and prominent sculpting with a new grille, light housings, badges and aluminous panels for the hood and fender that helps make the vehicle lighter and superior in the fuel efficient segment. The inside of the Odyssey also has a new look! A new colour scheme and a new touch screen interface in the centre control stack, which allows you to control all the infotainment and connectivity features.

 3. Amazing features

Some of the optional available features include HD radio, Honda DVD Ultrawide rear entertainment system with HDMI technology, keyless entry and start, a text-message reading function, and HondaLink, which uses driver’s smartphone to access internet radio, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps.

 4. Safety

This outstanding vehicle has already been granted several awards, such as the 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick. Some of the new safety features are the Expanded View driver’s mirror, forward collision warning and lane-departure warning.

5. Fuel efficient

The Honda Odyssey was awarded the 2013 Residual Value Award and Greener Choices of 2013 among others. Besides providing an enjoyable driving the Odyssey is also powerful it has 248 horsepower from the 3.5-liter V-6. Another addition from this year’s model is a standard six-speed automatic transmission for every trim level. This added advantage helps increase fuel economy to 19/28/22 mpg city/highway/combined for all 2014 models; making the 2014 Odyssey the most fuel-efficient minivan on the market.

With its attractive look combined with functionality, the 2014 Honda Odyssey has made it to the top of family vehicles must-buy list!

2014 Honda Odyssey Quick Facts:

Price Range Starting at: $29,990
Drivetrain: 3.5-liter V6; FWD, six-speed automatic
Output: 248 hp @ 5,700 rpm, 250 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm
Curb Weight: 4,613 lb
AW Observed Fuel Economy: 22.1 mpg
Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 19/28/22 mpg

Want to test drive the 2014 Honda Odyssey during our Family Day Honda Seat Sale? Book a test drive today!

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Good, Clean Advice: Wash Your Car More In Winter

By Carol Teegardin, Knight-Ridder/Tribune.

After enduring slush, salt, floods, ice and snow, motorists are facing another significant headache–the devastating effect of winter’s elements on the interior and exterior of their cars and trucks.

What do you do? You wash your car a lot like Niecy Jones, a Detroit rehabilitation center worker.

“I wash my car to get all the salt off it. I wash it at least twice a week,” Jones said as she sprayed down her 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee at Poly Pro Auto Wash and Detail Center, an indoor, self-serve car wash in Redford Township, Mich.

Bill Sivyer, a retired Ford Motor Co. engineer, was washing his 1993 Lincoln in a stall at Poly Pro, too. “A few weeks ago I had enormous chunks of ice and snow under my wheel wells. Now, my car is covered in slush and salt. I get that stuff off about once a week.”

No matter how cold it is, you need to get your car washed often. Maybe not as often as Jones or Sivyer, but every couple of weeks, said David Cole, executive director for the Office for the Study of

Automotive Transportation at the University of Michigan.

“The technology of the coating that goes on new vehicles prevents rust, but there is no such thing as a rustproof vehicle,” Cole said. “Ultimately motorists should wash their cars at least twice a month . . . or even more often right now.”

Don Klemmer, owner of Poly Pro, acknowledges that in freezing climates some people are reluctant to wash their cars because their door locks, trunks or gas caps could freeze.

To prevent that, Klemmer said, you should lubricate your locks, locking gas cap and trunk with WD-40 so water can’t penetrate.

“I know people worry about this kind of stuff, but you have to get the road salt off your car because it can accelerate the pitting and rusting of your car’s surface,” Klemmer said. “The undercarriage is especially prone to this kind of damage due to the many areas where salt and snow can lodge out of sight.”

Klemmer said that when you visit a self-serve car wash, you can get the grit and ice off by kneeling and washing the undercarriage with the spray nozzle.

“The advantage to doing it yourself is that you can take the time to make sure everything is washed on the vehicle,” he said. “You can go to do-it-yourself car washes in any kind of weather. You just dry the car off good with a towel before you leave.”

Of course, if you go to one of those indoor tunnel car washes, where your car moves through a series of automatic washing devices on a conveyor belt, you don’t have to worry about things freezing up. Your car is generally dry–thanks to powerful air blowers–before you pull away.

“If you get your car washed tunnel-style, though, go to a place where you spend a little money,” said Kasey Hopper, vice president of Classic Appreciation, a Rochester, Mich.-based car detailing shop. “I wouldn’t go to the $2 tunnel car washes in the cold. The costlier tunnel car washes seem to have better equipment. The better equipment seems to have the ability to flush the salt and dirt from under the wheel wells, bumpers and rocker panels.”

According to Tom Walker, vice president of product management at Ziebart International Corp., a Troy, Mich., car-care company, you can prevent a lot of winter damage to your car by thinking ahead.

“Buy plastic `sacrificial’ car floor mats at any mass merchandiser. They’ll absorb the water and corrosive substances you bring in on your boots,” Walker said.

You can keep your windshield free from scratches by replacing the wipers often, Walker said. “Windshield wipers are made out of rubber, and they get hard from the snow and ice. When you hear them scraping across the windshield it’s time to replace them,” he said.

Walker added that it’s wise to apply a water repellant to all glass on a car during chilly days.

“A good water repellant, like Rain-X, will help heavy wet rain, sleet, snow and ice to bead up and roll off the windshield, which will increase visibility in poor driving conditions,” he said.

Almost everyone agrees that waxing your car is a good idea, too. “Waxing is helpful because your car stays cleaner longer,” said Walker. You can go to a car wash and spray on wax. Or you can do it yourself in a heated garage for the cost of a can of wax. Get a polymer wax at any auto parts store and follow the directions. The added protection fights against corrosive road salt.

“Not washing your car during the winter months may result in severe damage to the car,” said Tina Gonsalves, marketing director of the International Carwash Association in Chicago. “When the temperature rises above freezing, the moisture formed by the melting snow and ice combines with the chemicals in road salt to wreak havoc on the thinly painted surface of your car.”


The estimated 22,000 professional car washes in North America range from no-nonsense, do-it-yourself places to indoor full-serves where you can sip coffee and read a magazine as your car is pampered.

Prices start at about $1.75 to $2 for a tunnel, or do-it-yourself wash, and can escalate to $7 or more for full-service.

According to the International Carwash Association in Chicago, here’s a rundown of the types of car washes:

– Tunnel: The car is pulled under a series of arches where spray nozzles apply a presoak solution, cleaning solutions, rinse water and wax. Water is removed from the car’s surface by powerful air dryers. Attendants will use towels to wipe away any excess water.

 Full-serve: Service personnel wash the outside of the car and vacuum the interior. They’ll generally wash the windows, clean and polish the dashboard, wipe down the steering column and door panels.

– Self-serve: You pull your car into a bay and wash it. Coins activate a variety of cleaning options, from using a foam brush to shampooing the car to spraying on wax or tire cleaner.

– Automatic roll-over: The car is cleaned in something similar to a self-serve bay, only you’re not required to do the cleaning. The car remains in place, or is on a track, while automatic cleaning equipment passes over the car. You’ll generally see automatic roll-over car washes in gas stations.

— Knight-Ridd

Buy The Amazing Honda CRV That’s Right For You

Buying a new SUV can be a confusing process. It’s hard to find a vehicle that offers the right fuel economy, the style you want and also affordability. There are some newer SUV competitors with amazing technology and innovations, which will knock your socks off. The problem with most of the technology today is that there are a lot of people who don’t want to upgrade everything they own, because they abhor the idea of learning everything from scratch. A new car is no different from a new cell phone. If the technology is too advanced, then you may not have the patience to try and figure it out.

The new Honda CRV is a nice compact SUV, without all the confusing extras. This cute little SUV has a 4 cylinder engine and it also has an automatic transmission. It’s very user friendly, so there is no baffling instructions to take up hours of your time. If you want a vehicle that is stylish but also comfortable, then you might be really impressed with this Honda. It is supposed to be a five passenger, but it really is most comfortable with four. The fuel economy is pretty good, at 9.6 L/100 km in the city and 6.6 L/100 km on the highway.

The inside of the Honda CRV isn’t as large as some of its competitors, but it does have automatic folding seats. Both of the back seats fold into the floor, so you can have the space you need without too many hassles. Every SUV is meant to seat a lot of passengers and to get them from one place to another comfortably. Most people don’t want a car that is tricky to turn on, or that has a lot of crazy automated buttons. They are looking for a car that’s easy to handle, fun to drive, and also with a style all its own.


It’s fun to shop for a new car and with the latest vehicles on the market today, you can really find some amazing styles. The only downside to some of the 2013 SUVs and cars is they have so much technology; it makes it easy to get overwhelmed. If you are a person who just wants a quality car to get them to work everyday, then you might really like the Honda CRV – with many options only 10 minutes South of Calgary. This vehicle has been popular since the 90′s and it really hasn’t changed much over the years. This Honda could be the Classic and innovative car you’ve been looking for.

All-New Honda Ridgeline Pickup to Debut within 2 Years

Markham, ON. – Dec. 10, 2013 – An all-new Honda Ridgeline pickup truck will come to the Canadian market in less than two years and, today, Honda shared a sketch expressing the new truck’s styling direction. Honda also confirmed that production of the current Ridgeline built exclusively by Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC, in Lincoln, Alabama, will conclude in mid-2014.

Like the innovative first-generation model that earned 2006 Truck of the Year by Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) and 2006 North American Truck of the Year honors after its spring 2005 debut, the next-gen Ridgeline is being designed and developed by Honda R&D Americas, Inc. at its Los Angeles and Ohio R&D centers.

“The next generation Ridgeline will build on Honda’s role in creating new value with a new take on advancing form and function in the truck segment,” said Dave Gardner, vice president of sales and marketing for Honda Canada Inc. “With a clear path forward, Ridgeline will play an even more important role in our future product portfolio and strengthen an already class-leading lineup of light trucks.”

The Honda Ridgeline broke new ground in the Canadian pickup market with its unique design featuring a spacious five-passenger cabin, smooth ride and handling, and half-ton truck capability. The first truck of its kind to be built on a closed-box unibody platform, the Ridgeline introduced innovative new features to the pickup segment, such as its large In-Bed Trunk® and dual-action tailgate.

About Honda Canada

Honda Canada Inc. was founded in 1969. It has produced more than 6 million cars and trucks since

1986 at its two manufacturing facilities and builds engines at a third manufacturing plant in Alliston,

Ontario. Both manufacturing facilities are extremely flexible and currently build Honda Civic and

CR-V models. Honda Canada has invested more than $2.6 billion in Canada and each year it

sources nearly $1.1 billion in goods and services from Canadian suppliers. Honda Canada has sold

more than 3.7 million Honda and Acura passenger cars and light-duty trucks in Canada.

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